October 2003

Frame welds - GL1800A-2 & GL1800A-3

After some investigation, it has been identified that the welds on the main frame lower cross member on machines built during a specific production period do not meet manufacturing specifications. It has been further identified that high stress loads on the affected area, caused by conditions such as, riding the machine on rough road surfaces or through potholes whilst fully loaded, can cause these welds to crack.

It is important to note at this stage, that only a very small number of cases have been reported in America, however, in order to maintain total customer confidence and riding pleasure, we are contacting all owners of potentially affected machines, requesting that they have their machine checked and a counter measure weld applied to prevent any possible occurrence. All repairs will of course be carried out free of charge.

In view of the complexity and high customer profile of the Goldwing, we have taken the unique decision to establish our own repair centre where specialised equipment and specially trained factory staff will be placed alongside additional highly qualified Honda personnel to undertake all work required. We have also arranged to employ the professional assistance of our Logistics Centre, who will be responsible for the collection and delivery of all machines to and from the repair centre.

In order to expedite this in the most efficient and time effective manner and to minimise as much as possible any inconvenience to you, we will organise the initial collection arrangements and control the booking schedule of all machines for repair. The return of the machine will unfortunately be dictated by the completion of the work, but we anticipate that the whole process may take 7-10 working days. We have already written to our dealer network explaining how we shall be coordinating this and exactly what assistance will be expected of them.

The affected V.I.N range of the UK models affected is as follows.

Model Yr Model V.I.N range from to V.I.N
GL1800A-2 2002 1HFSC47A72A101111 1HFSC47A12A101170
GL1800A-3 2003 1HFSC47A43A200051 1HFSC47A53A200110

If you believe that your vehicle is among these, would you please contact your local authorised Honda dealer without delay, so that a pre-booking can be arranged.

Initially, you will only need to provide your dealer with the following details of your machine;

They will then relay these details to us, enabling us to then prioritise and propose a collection date in coordination with the repair centre schedule.

Once your dealer has had the opportunity to confirm this with you, they will relay the collection arrangements by submitting a completed “Collection Request” form to us. For practical reasons, we will need to ask you to leave your machine with your dealer the day before the confirmed collection date and please ensure that your ignition keys are left with your machine and that either you or the dealer make a note of the ignition key number where there is a space provided on the “Appearance Check” sheet that we have provided them with. It would also be really helpful if you could avoid refuelling your machine unnecessarily, as it would greatly assist the repair centre team if there is as little fuel in your machine as possible when they receive it.

We would strongly recommend that you confirm the dealer’s static appearance check of your machine. May we also kindly request that you place this letter in your top box at that time, so that the “Work Completed Certificate” attached to your letter can be completed and your letter validated by us and returned to you. The original copy of the “Appearance Check” sheet will accompany your machine in the same manner and will be used to record the condition of your machine at each stage of delivery, inspection and repair, including a final check upon return to your dealer.


We are unable to undertake any work on these particular “customised” machines, due to the specialised skills and expert knowledge required.

If you require details regarding your local authorised Honda dealer, please contact the Honda Contact Centre on 0845 200 8000.


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