For immediate release

7 August 2002


The initial development concept of the CBR900RR Fireblade way back in 1989 focused on two things, lightweight and sporty feeling.

That concept remains basically the same some twelve years later with your new 2002 model Fireblade as we set out to create the best balance between low weight and high performance, combining that with easy handling and ultimate responsiveness.

However, a very small number of comments have been made in the German market regarding the sensitivity of the steering on the new CBR900RR-2 Fireblade. This symptom only occurs when accelerating at very high speeds under particular road conditions, such as those encountered on a particular part of the German autobahn.

In order to maintain ultimate performance and total riding pleasure, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. has initiated a product update campaign and developed a conversion kit to be fitted to all 2002 model Fireblades.

The conversion involves replacement of the bottom yoke and steering head bearings. This will take approximately 2 hours and will be carried out free of charge by authorised Honda dealers.

A letter instructing customers to contact their local dealer was sent out on Monday 5th.

We do however, wish to assure you that the development concept of the 2002 Fireblade will in no way be fundamentally changed by this conversion and in most riding situations you will not notice any changes to its unique characteristics.


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