August 2003

CB1300F - Wire Harness Damage

Honda Motor Company Ltd is constantly testing and evaluating the durability of its products in the market and we wish to inform the market of a report that we have received concerning a potentially safety related concern with the wire harness on this model.

An investigation was recently carried out by Honda Motor Co Ltd in connection with a case where the engine suddenly stopped and would not restart. The result of their investigation has revealed the possibility that a number of machines may be affected by an improperly finished weld on a part of the frame body. This could potentially cut the outer cover of the wire harness and in extreme circumstances could cause damage to the inner cords and cause a short circuit.

In order to maintain total customer confidence and riding pleasure, Honda Motor Co Ltd has decided to initiate an immediate Recall Campaign. All owners of potentially affected machines will be contacted and invited to have their machine immediately checked and a counter measure applied to their machine to prevent any possible occurrence.

In view of the potentially safety related concern, may we kindly request that any customers of CB1300F contact your preferred authorised Honda dealership without delay, where arrangements can then be made to rectify this potential concern.

The work itself consists of an inspection and repair and the fitting of a protective tube to the existing wire harness, which should take approximately 1 hour to complete. However, your dealer may require your machine for a longer period to allow for workshop scheduling and/or if there is evidence of damage to the wire harness that would require them to fit a new one. In any event, all work will of course be carried out free of charge.

If your machine has been sold, stolen, scrapped, exported or has already been repaired or if your address details simply require amending, please complete the "Change of Details" form on our site

Our priority is for customers continued safety and satisfaction with their machine and under the terms of the Code of Practice on Vehicle Safety Recalls, the response rate to this recall is monitored by the Vehicle Inspectorate.


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