Honda's Press Packs - 2001

Since 1998 Honda have been sending the press details of their bikes electronically, on CD.
These are now available to you, exclusively from the Honda Owners Club - thanks Honda UK.

Each model has it's own 'portable document format' file (pdf) which can be viewed on screen using Acrobat Reader.

Click on the link to view the pdf or right click and 'Save Target As...'
Download the CRM50 & 75CRM50 & 75 (45k)SFX50 (41k)Download the SJ50 BaliSJ50 Bali (42k)Download the SkySky (66k)
Download the X8R-SX8R-S (44k)Download the X8R-XX8R-X (45k)Download the CA125 RebelCA125 Rebel (43k)Download the CG125CG125 (70k)
Download the CH125 SpacyCH125 Spacy (41k)Download the City FlyCity Fly (46k)Download the CM125CCM125C (47k)Download the NSR125RNSR125R (49k)
Download the FES125 PantheonFES125 Pantheon (38k)Download the @125 & 150@125 & 150 (42k)Download the Shadow 125Shadow 125 (38k)Download the SH125 & 150SH125 & 150 (407k)
Download the XL125V VaraderoXL125V Varadero (604k)Download the XLR125RXLR125R (43k)Download the FES150 PantheonFES150 Pantheon (37k)Download the CB250CB250 (42k)
Download the CMX250C RebelCMX250C Rebel (40k)Download the CN250CN250 (38k)Download the FES250 ForesightFES250 Foresight (37k)Download the JazzJazz (956k)
Download the CB500CB500 (44k)Download the CB500SCB500S (44k)Download the CR500RCR500R (116k)Download the CB600F HornetCB600F Hornet (46k)
Download the CBR600FCBR600F (639k)Download the CBR600FSCBR600FS (581k)Download the VT600C ShadowVT600C Shadow (44k)Download the DeauvilleDeauville (51k)
Download the FX650 VigorFX650 Vigor (74k)Download the NX650 DominatorNX650 Dominator (43k)Download the Silver WingSilver Wing (407k)Download the TransalpXL650V Transalp (44k)
Download the XR650RXR650R (277k)Download the CB Seven-FiftyCB Seven-Fifty (44k)Download the VF750CVF750C (43k)Download the VT750C ShadowVT750C2 Shadow (43k)
Download the VT750DC Black WidowVT750DC Black Widow (43k)Download the XRV750 Africa TwinXRV750 Africa Twin (43k)Download the VFR800VFR (45k)Download the CBR900RR FireBladeCBR900RR FireBlade (49k)
Download the VTR1000 SP-1VTR1000 SP-1 (51k)Download the VTR1000F FireStormVTR1000F FireStorm (407k)Download the XL1000V VaraderoXL1000V Varadero (158k)Download the CBR1100XX Super BlackbirdCBR1100XX Super Blackbird (212k)
Download the ST1100 Pan EuropeanST1100S Pan European (43k)Download the ST1100 Pan European CBS ABS TCSST1100A Pan European CBS ABS TCS (44k)Download the VT1100C2 Shadow ClassicVT1100C2 Shadow Classic (38k)Download the X-ElevenX-Eleven (45k)
Download the F6C ValkyrieF6C Valkyrie (43k)Download the GL1500SE GoldWingGL1800 GoldWing (476k)Download the VTX1800VTX1800 (233k) 

Acrobat Reader can be obtained from the Adobe site   Download Acrobal Reader

Please contact Big Ed if you have problems downloading these files (but not the Acrobat reader)


All files are checked using TREND MICRO Internet Security

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