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Updated December 2003
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MOVIES (bikes)
220mph.wmv - 3M
Fake? You decide

BMF03-VTR.avi - 2M
beat that!

MatrixPingPong.wmv - 2.9M
behind the special effects

amazing_save.mpg - 841k
how did he stay on?

safe_exhaust.avi - 2.3M
what we did at the BMF Show

accident.mpg - 3.8M
Power Rangers beware!

standup.mpg - 517k
DO NOT try this at home

aaronswreck.wmv - 1M
too much wrist

BoomShakALak.wmv - 7.5M
showing off at it's best

drag2.wmv - 546k
don't sit then!

round&round.mpg - 820k
a show-off gets his just deserts

wopper3.mpg - 1.4M
there but for the grace of God

helmet.mpg - 2M
why wearing a helmet is advised!

AlmostCrash_Short.avi - 2.9M
very very nearly!

TurboBusa.wmv - 2.9M
now this is fast!

break-wheelie.mpg - 455k
how NOT to follow a stoppy

probiker.mpg - 528k
stunt riding at it's best

drag.mpg - 285k
best stay seated really

dance.mpg - 827k
how they missed him I'll never know


MOVIES (everything else)
antena1wheel.mpa - 2.7M
careful who overtakes you

cheeky.mpeg - 585k
let this be a lesson to you guys! - 5.4M
this is a bit rude - but funny

grocery_store_kid.avi - 1.9M
wait for the tag-line!

crash(1).mpg - 1M
one less speeding American

tidyup.m1v - 1.2M
ladies please take note

kidstoned.mpg - 2M
what every parent needs

bollocks.mpg - 3.5M
careful what you say

chimp.mpg - 373k
what apes do best!

fartDude.mpeg - 646k
who cut the cheese?

strip_tease.mpg - 1.1M
banned advert

DreamJob.mpg - 820k
apply within!!

bear3.mpg - 1.4M
a very funny John West advert

happy.mpg - 1.1M
a nightmare

Bugger.mpg - 1.9Mk
too tough?

creamedgates.mpeg - 725k
what a lot of people would like to do

Final_Bird.mpeg - 1M
serves them right!

Doggie.avi - 1.7M
training the Umbro way

wash.mpg - 724k
if only you could do this

date.avi - 1.4M
what not to do on a first date

Baby.jpg - 21k
awwww bless!

good_paint_jobs1.jpg - 34k
shoulda looked where he was going!

PresBush!.jpg - 20k
the truth is out

sheep.jpg - 140k
don't ask me!

girldriver1.jpg - 39k
best say nothing guys!

girldriver3.jpg - 50k
best say nothing guys!

confidence.jpg - 58k
pride before the fall?

flyplane.jpg - 345k
finally - a use for flies

happy.jpg - 14k
man's first happy thought

bombsquad.jpg - 218k
not a nice thing to do to a colleague

extreemsport1.jpg - 153k
you don't get much more extreme

girldriver1.jpg - 39k
best say nothing guys!

girldriver3.jpg - 50k
best say nothing guys!

sex_in_the_offfice.jpg - 33k
mouse on mouse

girldriver2.jpg - 43k
best say nothing guys!

girldriver4.jpg - 43k
best say nothing guys!

kitty.jpg - 22k
this is the life

volvo.jpg - 26k
probably a woman <runs for cover>

math.jpg - 216k
making geometry interesting

wifetrader.jpg - 664k
men will laugh, women.................. ?

bunnycx.jpg - 71k
the very latest in riding gear

armageddon.wav - 1.2M
probably the funniest thing you'll ever hear

birth.wav - 106k
might put you off!

the-ritz.wav - 100k
from Young Frankenstein

catfight.wav - 77k
pussies going for it!

Do_the_Morris.rm - 3.6M
bladders at the ready!

HELPDESK.wav - 449k
don't think he's happy!

penisong.wav - 100k
classic Monty Python

gonewrong.mp3 - 633k
errrrr this one went a bit wrong

wincrash.wav - 54k
the perfect opening sound for Windows

amish.wav - 786k
a great send up

recall.mp3 - 725k
rude - but very funny

Aus_open.pps - 191k
at the tennis

SwissTony.doc - 95k
understanding what women really mean

his-n-hers.pps - 142k
special for Harley chicks!

Rudolph.exe - 1.1M
de de dee, de de dee dee

women.doc - 26k
understanding what women really mean

Guinness_Book.doc - 24k
female edition

keystrokes.doc - 211k
what EVERY computer needs

problem_page.doc - 21k
IF men wrote problem pages

stare.doc - 57k
why do people stare?

Ads.doc - 375k
real advertising

gerbil.exe - 710k
fry that gerbil!

Marriage.exe - 676k
singles.... beware

shootthescousers.exe - 929k
it's only a game!

quotations.doc - 24k
very funny & very true

HazardousProperties1.doc - 113k
if only they had warning labels!

BMA_report.doc - 53k

roadsigns.doc - 437k
series of 'interesting' signs

homedepot.doc - 73k
only in America?

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