1963 and I was 13 years old. I had a devastating accident that crippled me.  I always loved motor bikes. Mike Hailwood was my hero. […]

North London Branch Steam On

Yes! We went to Iron Horse cafe near Peterborough. Nice it was too, rather quiet. The date was 18th October and it was a dry […]

West London Branch are Chocks Away

It was ‘Chocks Away’ on Weds 7th October. Whilst the rest of our members were slaving away at work, I joined Steve on a short midweek […]

East Midlands Eat Cakes for Charity

Sunday 27th September Macmillan Ride & Coffee Morning  Due to the current circumstances the event as advertised didn’t go ahead, however with a bit of […]

West London Branch Meet Billy

On Thursday 1st October, with summer still lingering, John Flynn and I set off on a ‘scenic route’ through the Surrey Hills. There was a […]

North London Branch Barge in

The barge in question was not a Harley or a Goldwing! But a real barge! (Washing my mouth out with soap presently). But first the […]